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Teacher Tax Credit

The Canada Revenue Agency implemented a new school tax credit for teachers and early childhood educators for the 2016 taxation year. If you are eligible to claim this credit print, complete and return the form to Ann Anderson Payroll Manager Employee Service along with copies of your receipts, who will sign this form and return it to you. You may be required to submit this form and original receipts to CRA. Your principal may, at their discretion, also sign it.

Click here for the TDSB info package on this credit.

A maximum of $1000 per year may be claimed. Eligible supplies include non durable goods such as construction paper, flashcards, items for science experiments, seeds, potting soil, art supplies, stationary items. Games and puzzles, books for classrooms, educational support software are the only non durable goods that qualify. Computers, tablets, rugs, furniture, etc are durable goods that are not deemed eligible.

Trudeaus Pension Betrayal

New legislation from the Trudeau Liberal government is threatening the pensions of Canadian workers. Bill C-27 is an attack on good defined benefit pensions that could allow employers to break their pension promises to thousands of workers and retirees across the country.

Bill C-27 will allow federally-regulated employers to retroactively change a defined benefit pension promise into insecure “target benefits” by pressuring workers and retirees into surrendering benefit promises they have already earned.

During the last election, Justin Trudeau clearly promised to protect good, fair defined benefit pensions from being retroactively changed to target benefit plans. Bill C-27 breaks that promise. Prime Minister Trudeau must immediately withdraw this extremely irresponsible and mean-spirited legislation.

Converting defined benefit pensions to a target benefit model shifts virtually all risk onto workers and retirees. Bill C-27 could essentially allow employers to walk away from pension commitments to their workers, and leave thousands of Canadians abandoned in retirement.

While Bill C-27 only applies to federally regulated employers, CUPE warns that if it is passed into law it will set a dangerous precedent for other jurisdictions, and put more pressure on defined benefit pension plans.

The Wilson Report

Paul Bocking's review of the Wilson Report bluffsadvocate.ca

Download the full report Wilson's Report on the TDSB

For more information: Five Questions for the Education Minister labourcouncil.ca

Why the Minister’s “solutions” cannot “solve the problems” at the TDSB labourcouncil.ca

The view from inside a reeling TDSB thestar.com

Ontario is rolling back school board democracy thestar.com

CIty of Toronto Finances

After years of pretending that Canada’s largest city can deliver services, maintain aging infrastructure and tackle the effects of climate change without raising money, a new consensus
is emerging on the need for new sources of city revenue. It’s no secret that after the provincial government downloading of programs and costs, the city has experienced tremendous
constraint. Labour Council will continue to advocate for the federal and provincial governments to cover the cost of key programs such as transit operations and social housing. But there is even further pressure as Mayor Tory adds billions in costs for the Gardiner, SmartTrack and Scarborough subway.

Facing domestic violence shouldn’t mean losing your job

Occasional Teacher Zone Maps

New 2014-2018 TDSB Trustees

Thank you to all OTBU members who worked on the campaigns of school trustees across the city. Amid significant turnover on the board, a strong group of progressive trustees (old and new) were elected. Occasional Teachers have an important stake in the composition of the board, which oversees our working conditions through collective bargaining. The list below was released by the TDSB:

Ward 1 - Michael Ford (new)
Ward 2 - Chris Glover
Ward 3 - Pamela Gough
Ward 4 - Tiffany Ford (new)
Ward 5 - Howard Kaplan
Ward 6 - Chris Tonks
Ward 7 - Robin Pilkey (new)
Ward 8 - Jennifer Arp (new)
Ward 9 - Marit Stiles (new)
Ward 10 - Ausma Malik (new)
Ward 11 - Shelley Laskin
Ward 12 - Alexander Brown (new)
Ward 13 - Gerri Gershon
Ward 14 - Sheila Ward
Ward 15 - Jennifer Story (new)
Ward 16 - Sheila Cary-Meagher
Ward 17 - Ken Lister (new)
Ward 18 - Parthi Kandavel (new)
Ward 19 - David Smith
Ward 20 - Manna Wong (new)
Ward 21 - Shaun Chen
Ward 22 - Jerry Chadwick

Truth & Reconciliation Tool Kits

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