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What is ARM?

In 1996, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) established a new type of membership specifically for Active Retired Members (ARM). For a $50 annual fee, ARM allows retired members to remain actively involved politically and socially with their colleagues. The fee is charged by OSSTF each January. If you join ARM mid-year, the fee is waived until the following January.

Active retirement offers an opportunity for continuing involvement with the educational community at both the local and provincial levels.

Local chapters of ARM have been or are being organized to provide members with opportunities to gather for social events and/or political action activities.

The experience, skills and abilities of retired members are valuable resources that should be utilized to further goals in areas such as political action, legislative lobbying, crisis assistance, research, communications, and public relations.

Why join ARM?

Access to health, travel and dental insurance.
Provincial mailings, including OSSTF Education Forum, Update and the Pocket Planner.
Newsletters to inform members about pension, legal and financial matters.
Retirement information.
Pension information.
Local social and other community activities.
Stay in touch with former colleagues!
Access to the Edvantage Program.

How to join ARM?

To join ARM simply complete an online form at http://www.osstf.on.ca/arm-application-form-en or contact the OSSTF Provincial Office at 1-800-267-7867. If you choose to purchase an ARM Health Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the ARM organization. The ARM Organization Fee is waived for the rest of the calendar year in which you retire (first enrol in an ARM health plan). The $50 annual fee is then deducted annually with your January health plan premium payment.

Contact D12 ARM by clicking on the link below


ARM Council

Click on Arm Council to access the Provincial OSSTF ARM Council website

For full ARM Health Benefit Plan details, click on the link below or call OTIP/RAEO (1-800-267-6847).

For full ARM Health Benefit Plan details, click on the link below or call OTIP/RAEO (1-800-267-6847).

OTIP ARM Health Insurance

Retirement information; pension information; involvement with retired colleagues in local social and other community activities;

Discounts arranged from a variety of local businesses;

Low $50 annual membership fee - waived for the first year of membership;

For an application to become an Active Retired Member contact OSSTF District 12 ARM.
Office e-mail address: otbu.office@d12.osstf.ca
Office telephone number: 416 423-3600
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