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Updated Collective Agreement!

Update on OT Benefits Plan

From a series of meetings with Provincial OSSTF negotiators and the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA), an OT benefits plan has now been established to replace our existing plan with the TDSB which ends on August 31. Eligibility remains the same under the terms of our Local Collective Agreement: at least 90 days worked in the previous school year. The new plan will be run by the Ontario Teachers' Insurance Plan (OTIP). Eligible OTBU members may choose between this plan or another of their choosing, for which they will receive a 50% reimbursement of the cost, up to $2454 annually.

OTBU members eligible to enroll for benefits will receive a letter in the mail from the TDSB this month which will specify the process for enrolling in the new OTIP OT benefits plan. It will also explain how to apply for reimbursement for another plan.

The OTBU Executive will keep you informed as we receive more details.

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Important Changes to SFE Effective Immediately

If you can't work, book yourself off SFE!

Central Agreement Extension and Bill 115 Remedy Ratified

Celebrate Pride with OSSTF!

Pay Day

PR 560 and Health & Safety Training

The TDSB has still not provided us with Health & Safety training around PR 560 - Abuse and Neglect of Students, which is an important regulation we all be familair with prior to going into our classrooms. We advise that until such time as the Board provides us with training, you log on to the TDSB website and familiarize yourself with the regulation.

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OSSTF Celebrates Labour Day

D12 celebrates Pride

Teacher Tax Credit for 2016

Ratings Certification for LTOs

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