Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit - District 12

Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit
District 12


OTBU Executive Elections 2018-2020

Congratulations to all the candidates who were elected.

Your 2018-2020 Executive -elect are:

Linda Bartram with 264 votes

Vincent Zambrano was acclaimed

Paul Bocking with 269 votes

Lillian Speedie-Court was acclaimed

Michael Fraschetti was acclaimed

Jamie Whitaker with 235 votes
Coleridge Browne with 227 votes
Brad Mcleod with 187 votes
Laura Drexler with 181 votes

Unsuccessful candidates :
President :
DREXLER, Laura 64 votes
CARTER Janine 41 votes

Second Vice President:
Wilson, Peterr 84 votes

Executive Officer:
LESFRESNE Jon 162 votes
WILSON, Peter 86 votes
MALMUD, Maureen 74 votes
MACDONALD Ross 68 votes
DERRIDER, Ghislain 44 votes
SANDOVAL, Nelson 37 votes

The Elections Committee and Executive will review the results of the vote and the effectiveness of the new voting system to report back to the membership in the fall.

Labour Rights for OTs under Bill 148

Victory: Custodial Jobs Protected

PD day October 5, 2018!!!

If you can't work, book yourself off SFE!

Pay Day

OCT fee hike defeated!

Strange times in Ontario provincial politics -Vote for Change June 7

Teacher Tax Credit

Lump Sum Payment for Breech of Charter Rights / Bill 115 Remedy

Ratings Certification for LTOs

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